November 1, 2019

Chengdu China

Conferences – Experiences – Activities Hurricane launched the second edition of the Urban Sports Summit in Chengdu, the great urban sports city in China.

NEWS: Urban Sports Summit 2022 - Back in May 25-27 in Montpellier, France

The first Urban Sports Summit in China

Hurricane brought together key figures from the world of sports business to learn, share and discuss the future of Urban Sports.

The second edition of the Urban Sports Summit took place in Chengdu and gathered officials from Chengdu Sports Bureau, the Club Sport France and experts in urban sports.

FISE Chengdu organizers, host and world-class speakers invited delegates to attend 3 morning sessions and a full afternoon experience at FISE Chengdu.






Exhibition Centre Maker Park
Location : 成都市郫都区柏林东路与郫温路交叉口西50米-创客公园
5min walk from FISE Chengdu venue

Pidu, Chengdu, QingshuiRiver City Park
100m to the west of the Qing Shui He crossing East Road and Piwen Road
成都市郫都区德富大道与滨河路交叉口北50米- 郫都区清水河城市公园

Litian Garden Hotel
No.88 Section 3, North Guangchang Road, Hongguang Town, Pidu district Chengdu
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