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The Urban Sports Summit launches online sessions bringing together urban sports experts and key decision-makers from the world of sports business to shape the future of urban sports.


Session special event hosts

Hurricane was the International Association of Event Hosts’ (IAEH) guest for the 6th webinar of the IAEH Webinar Series and shared opportunities and specifications for hosting hybrid events in 2021 that are aligned with hosts’ new expectations.

Key topics covered:
– Urban sports introduction including: BMX Freestyle, Skateboard, Roller, Scooter, Parkour, and Breaking presentation
– International Federations support and Olympic integration
– Hybrid events: hosting opportunities in 2021 including E-FISE World Series (digital and physical) and UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup (physical).
– Urban parks: building global projects with local initiatives

Panelists and experts:
– Olga CORREIA : International Association of Event Hosts – Business Manager
– Olivier PASCAL : Hurricane Group – International Development Director
– Regis CLERC : Hurriane Group – International Sales Coordinator


USS Online Session China-Visual

Session special China (Chinese speaking)

On August 5, 2020, the Urban Sports Online Summit China Session was successfully held. During the meeting, guests discussed the development of urban sports parks in China. The following is an excerpt from the meeting:

As the urban sports have become the official Olympic golden sports, such as BMX and skateboarding have also attracted more and more attention. At the same time, it has also brought the great opportunity for these sports from the streets to reshape the image of the public. Urban sports parks are increasing rapidly across the country. The primary things in the development of urban sports parks is “safety”: not only training parks for pro-athletes need to ensure professionalism and safety, but urban sports parks that are suitable for the general public must also be based on ensuring “safety”. Because enthusiasts lack the physical fitness and sports skills of professional athletes in sports entertainment, they need a very safe sports venue as a guarantee for sports entertainment. Therefore, the urban sports park designed and constructed by a professional team is the foundation to ensure the long-term sustainable development of urban sports.

In the market where the large number of urban sports parks are built, a professional team who understands the development of the industry is also needed to carry out long-term maintenance and management of the park site. On the one hand, it is to ensure the long-term use of the site, and on the other hand, it is to improve urban sports. The use efficiency of the park has completed the application conversion from professional training to national fitness.

For different customer requirements, all Hurricane Parks are customized according to customer specific requirements and actual site conditions. The designers of Hurricane Parks and most of the construction team members are athletes in a certain urban sport and have rich experience in venue use and construction.In the urban sports park design process, the designer will make adjustments based on the requirements of the client and the actual application to ensure that the designed site is a high-quality site that meets the actual needs of use, and has innovative and diverse routes.


USS Online Japan

Session special Japan (Japanese speaking)

As BMX freestyle, Skateboarding, Sports Climbing, and 3×3 Basketball are set to make its Olympic debut at the Games in Tokyo, Urban sports have been gathering attention all over the world.

On the other hand, Japan is still behind on the popularization of Urban sports, and we are facing the challenge of how to maximize the legacy of the Olympic games for further development of the sports after the event.
In this session, we will focus on the current state and future of urban sports development in Japan and how urban sports could influence local revitalization, inviting key persons from the Japanese urban sports world as panelists.


USS Online Sesssion3

Discover how cities, national federations and events organizers are working closely with experts to design, build and deliver facilities for BMX Freestyle, Skateboard, Roller, Scooter, and Parkour.

Online Session 3, will bring together some of the key figures who lead on urban sports facilities projects, with testimonials from experts who have implemented both permanent and temporary event infrastructures.

Join our panelists and experts:
– Ivan ROZSA : World Urban Games – Communication Director
– Patrick GUIMEZ : French Cycling Federation – BMX Freestyle coach
– Pierre-Adrien GIROGUY : Hurricane Parks – Director


USS Online Session 2

The second session bringing together international federations involved in urban sports on the Olympic Day. We looked at the urban sports challenges and opportunities from their specific DNA to the Olympic integration.

Join our panelists and experts:
– Jérôme MEYER : IFSC – Head of Olympic Coordination
– Alex SANCHEZ : FIBA – 3×3 Managing Director
– Bart DEJONG : UCI – BMX Freestyle Consultant
– Olivier PASCAL : Hurricane Group – International Development Director


USS Online Session 1

First session, in partnership with the International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH), looked at the opportunities and challenges that arise from transforming a major event, such as FISE Montpellier from physical to digital.

Panelists had an open discussion and Q&A based on the presentation of the E-FISE Montpellier case study and the IAEH members survey about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to event hosts.

Join our panelists and experts:
– Iain EDMONDSON : IAEH – Director
– Joseph VILLEFLAYOUX : Hurricane Group – CMO